Opportunity analysis

Opportunity analysis

Opportunity analysis

Our Brand Opportunity Analysis is a short, inexpensive analysis of the brand’s strengths and weaknesses today and its scope to grow into new areas tomorrow, by addressing three key questions:

Is the brand under-performing today, and could it be strengthened?

  • Is the brand proposition clear, consistent and compelling?
  • Is the brand reputation strong across all key constituencies?
  • Is the brand experience aligned with the proposition?
  • How can the brand platform be leveraged for innovation and growth?
  • How can the brand lead the rationalisation and transformation of the organisation?

Could the brand architecture be simplified to reduce costs?

  • Do you really need all of the brands?
  • What costs could be saved by reducing the number of brands?
  • Are the corporate and product service brands effectively reinforcing each other?

Could the brand communications be improved?

  • Is the messaging clear and compelling?
  • Does all of the branded communication project the same personality?
  • Does the creative work support the messaging?
  • Are the communications cost-effective and focused?
  • Could the existing work last longer before being replaced with new creative?

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