Our approach and values

We like to work with our clients as partners, sharing their goals and helping to shape their success.

Our approach and values


We find an integrated team of our people and our clients creates better results.


We understand that every project is different, so put together the best team for you needs - anything from one person giving occasional ad hoc advice to senior management to a team of consultants and designers dedicated to a time-critical project.

We just bring you the set of people who can best help your situation, from junior analysts to international experts. People we know well and trust. Who you see is who you get.


Having worked within leading global management consultancies - McKinsey, Accenture, Oliver Wyman - as well as within some of the leading global brand consultancies, we understand the importance of rigorous, fact-based analysis for important business decisions, and apply proven analytical tools and frameworks.


As a flexible network we don’t have the overheads of the larger consultancies that we have worked with in the past, so our fees are highly competitive, and our daily rates are substantially less than they were when we were in major consultancies.

Contact us

We would be delighted to discuss any aspect of your branding and business strategy, and advise whether we believe we would be able to add value - or if we believe that you would be better to seek help elsewhere. We can organise an inexpensive initial workshop to explore these issues with you, without commitment to any longer project.

Use the form below or e-mail david@hensleypartners.com to set up a free initial consultation on your needs and whether or not we are the best people to help you.

Or call us: tel: +44 (0)20 7520 9220

Who we do it for

We have worked with clients across the globe. Our experience spans sectors as well as continents.

Business Partners

We collaborate with a range of business partners, who bring world-class expertise to meet the specific needs of particular clients.